UPDATE 1-8-22

In response to the changing conditions of COVID-19 in Harford County, especially considering the situation at the hospital, the Session of Christ Our King voted that all persons accessing the building must wear a facemask, regardless of vaccine status and remain masked while in the building. In addition, unrelated groups and families remain as socially distanced as possible, especially during worship.


This is in line with the Governor’s requirement to enter state buildings.  This change will be made to help us continue to offer in-person worship, but we will remain watchful regarding COVID-19 in the area. It also allows us to continue to offer use of the building to outside groups.


We are called to care for and love one another. Wearing masks is a way of saying “I value you and your wellbeing.” We have a responsibility to care for our community as well as ourselves.


We welcome you to worship in person with a mask on Sunday.  If you don’t feel comfortable, we encourage you to join us by Zoom or Facebook.

        Join us online through:

 Facebook,  Livestream | Christ Our King Presbyterian Church (freeonlinechurch.com) or zoom.us

  For Zoom log in information contact the church office at 410-838-4698.

Covid- 19 Update 12-30-20

We will continue to worship remotely via livestream on Zoom and Facebook at 10 am on Sundays. Recordings of the services will be posted to on this site. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.  We thank you for your understanding. And we encourage you to remain diligent in following the state guidelines for face coverings, social-distancing, hand washing, and minimizing exposure. 

Covid-19 Update 11-24-20

Beloved Congregation, Community, and Dear Friends,

Through Sunday, December 20, we will be worshiping remotely via live-stream on Zoom and Facebook. Recordings of the services will be posted to Facebook and the church web site.  We will celebrate Communion at each service.

The Session’s decision is based upon our care and concern for the congregation and the surrounding community. As much as we would like to worship in-person, after prayerfully considering the rapidly escalating new case counts and positivity rates, the Session determined that pausing in-person worship was the right thing to do for our congregation and our local community. 

We will continue to monitor this situation and a decision on the Christmas Eve service will be made on December 14th. More information will follow.

We thank you for your understanding. And we encourage you to remain diligent in following the state guidelines for face coverings, social-distancing, hand washing, and minimizing exposure. 

Please join us at 10:00 on Sunday morning as we celebrate the advent season together. This Advent season is different, but it is still about Christ entering our world where we are and becoming one with us.


Pastor Jeff and the Session

covid-19 update 10/30/20

Information for Eucharist (Holy Communion) during COVID-19 In-person worship services. Those who are worshiping online, please continue to have elements ready at home.

COVID-19 Update 10/9/20

On Sunday, October 11, we will welcome worshipers into the sanctuary for the first time since March. One of our goals is to maintain as much unity in worship as possible. The in-person experience will be live-streamed to Zoom and Facebook. We are working to offer as many possibilities to worship safely and comfortably, and maintain an extended community. Whether in-person, online, or on the phone let us gather to praise and honor God.

For those that will worship in the Sanctuary, the following are a few reminders of how we will keep each other safe and comfortable:

  • Wear a face covering at all times in the building.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others.
  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home and join us online.
  • Keep your hands clean, and minimize what is touched.
  • Speaking in worship will occur with face coverings.
  • No singing. A Hymn Leader will sing allowing others to prayerfully listen.
  • Offering will be gathered in a basket at the back of the Sanctuary. Serve and love one another.

Your patience and grace are appreciated as we work through best practices to serve our community.

In Christ,

Pastor Jeff

Covid-19 Update 9/10/20

Dear Congregation and Friends,

We have two things to share with you. 

First, the Session has approved restarting in-person worship on  October 11, 2020 with a simultaneous live stream on Zoom.  We will continue to monitor the state and local requirements and we are hopeful that nothing arises to interrupt our plan.  There are still details to finalize and volunteers needed.  This is a huge step for all of us as we try to balance our desire to worship together with our own personal health requirements.

Second, attached are the results of the congregational survey about returning to in-person worship.  There is a slide for each survey question along with some takeaways from both your responses and comments.    Your input and comments were very valuable to us and we thank you for your thoughtful inputs. 

We need your continued support and prayers as we approach the next phase of our return to in-person services.




Pastor Jeff and the Re-Entry Team (Ander Beain,  Dave Cooper, Alan Cushen)


The Recovery Team, appointed by Session, has been working to develop a Recovery Plan for Christ Our King Presbyterian Church.  What follows is our 4 Phase Plan for getting us back into church so we can worship together. We are currently in Phase 1.  At this time, it is unknown when we will enter Phase 2.  As we approach this point, we will provide more details on reservations, service capacity, procedures for entering and exiting the sanctuary and communion.  Volunteers will be needed in various roles.  Click here  for more information.


Online worship will continue through all phases.  

Phase 1: CURRENT

  • On-line worship only
  • Only recorded music for hymns – sing from home
  • Virtual Communion

Phase 2: RETURN

On-line and limited in-person worship by reservation

  • Everyone wears a facemask
  • Usher directed seating from front to back when entering, dismiss from back to front
  • 6’ seating distance
  • Only Pastor Jeff in the pulpit
  • Bulletins to be placed in pews
  • No hymnals or Bibles in pews
  • No Congregational singing
  • Solo or very small group special music
  • Drop box for offering
  • Modified Communion


On-line and larger limited worship with reservation

  • Ushers direct seating
  • 6’ seating distance
  • Bulletins placed in pews
  • Pastor Jeff in the pulpit
  • Assisting Elder begins – reads from the lectern on the floor
  • Congregation begins limited singing of hymns – words in bulletin
  • Solo or small group special music
  • Dropbox for offering
  • Modified Communion


No limit to attendance, online worship continues

  • All aspects of the worship back to “normal”
  • Entrance through the main Narthex door
  • Nursery and Sunday School back in operation
  • Spaced seating no longer needed – self seating
  • Hymnals and Bibles back in the pews
  • Pastor Jeff and Assisting Elder in the pulpit
  • Bulletins handed out
  • Congregation sings
  • Choir and hand bells begin
  • Offering collected
  • Post-service greeting by Pastor Jeff

image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)  

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