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When will we be together in the Sanctuary?


The Session has been working to answer this question.  Session has appointed a four person team that has developed a detailed plan and a framework to guide us along this journey.  The Re-entry Team continues to listen to all the elders and congregation members as we work towards adding in-person worship to our current gatherings on Zoom and Facebook, and on our webpage following worship.  These methods will continue even as we re-enter the Sanctuary.  Church community and discipleship will continue to be built through Zoom and Facebook through various offerings, along with maintaining contact with one another.


We want you to be comfortable when worshiping with us and we want to make sure we all stay healthy. Our goal is to re-enter the Sanctuary in phases that will occur when it is safe to add worship leadership, then add a small amount of congregants, eventually having as many congregants as is safely possible.  Knowing that music is a significant part of our worship experience, this will be the hardest part of re-entry, as singing will be discouraged for quite some time.  Soon RIck will be recorded playing in the Sanctuary, and eventually we may have a soloist or small group singing in the choir area, but congregational singing will not be done until our final phase. 


To ensure a comfortable experience for everyone, certain standards will be required to enter the building.  These include, but are not limited to, face masks and social distancing.  Due to the work needed to clean before and after worship services, there will be only one service per Sunday.


Our hope is to begin re-entry later this summer.  How we work together to do this is difficult and everyone has varying level of what they consider safe.  Session will continue to prayerfully oversee our work towards re-entry.  The Re-entry Team is constantly reviewing the best guidance from the CDC, WHO, Johns Hopkins, the Nation, the State, the County, and the Presbytery and denomination.  None of this is easy, but your church leadership is dedicated to doing what is right for our spiritual and physical health.  As Session makes decisions we will keep you informed and provide the best guidance as possible for each phase and change.  Your continued prayers, understanding, and cooperation are appreciated.

Blessings on the journey,

Pastor Jeff